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Monday, December 23, 2019

How to take care of the skin in winter ?

 How to take care of the skin in winter ? - rictasblog.com

Our skin care routines must adapt to the time of year. Winter is one of the hardest seasons for our epidermis: low temperatures, wind, heating, lack of humidity ... These are some of the main agents that, added to pollution, can cause the skin to suffer.

So that this does not happen the key is hydration. In winter our skin needs an extra supply of moisturizing agents that protect the skin and nourish it to protect the lipid barrier that may be affected.

In the face of external aggressions, water loss and dehydration are accentuated. As a consequence, the fats in the skin trap water worse and it more easily comes to the surface, evaporating. Hence the unpleasant feeling of tightness due to dryness, peeling and the appearance of small wounds and cracks.

Tricks to take care of your skin with the cold

You must consider how your skin is to apply the correct cosmetics. It is necessary to look for moisturizing formulas with active ingredients that regenerate the skin barrier, rich in omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, in lighter textures for oily and combination skin, and more unctuous for dry skin.

In addition to moisturizers, do not forget the hot springs. These cosmetics are more associated with summer, for their contribution of freshness, but they are also very effective in winter to instantly restore hydration to the skin and leave behind the feeling of tightness.

Formulas that include anti-free radical antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, help keep the skin younger and brighter. Sun protection is essential, protects against premature aging and stains. In case you undergo some facial treatment (depigmentation or microdermabrasion), moisturizing and applying sunscreen is key.

You also have to monitor the skin of the lips, which do not have sebaceous glands crack and flake more easily. It is important to apply creams with petroleum jelly that insulate them from the cold.

Also keep in mind the body

For our body, the best are formulas that include highly moisturizing natural agents: shea butter or cocoa butter, aloe vera, almond oil. And since winter tends to wear thicker clothes and more layers, it is a good idea to opt for ingredients that activate circulation, as it also benefits the skin's appearance, for example Ginkgo Biloba.

In the hands the moisturizing agents mentioned are also perfect, it is one of the parts of the body that suffers most in winter (it is usually uncovered for a long time).

There are currently many specific products to hydrate and restore hands that leave no greasy feeling. However, the best option is to apply it before going to sleep and leave it to act throughout the night.

Also remember:

- Drink water: take the opportunity to drink hot teas and teas.

- Increase food intake with vitamins and antioxidants (vitamins A, B, C and E).

- Reduce alcohol intake and tobacco consumption, as they reduce the vascularization of the skin and this causes redness, broken capillaries and dehydration.

- And avoid, as far as possible, sudden changes in temperatures, generated by heating, because they cause dilation in the capillary vessels and can cause their breakage.

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