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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Apple’s Mac Pro ships in December with maximum 8TB of storage

Apple’s Mac Pro ships in December with maximum 8TB of storage - rictasblog.com

Apple  is making its mac pro and Apple pro show available in December, it declared today. The machine was declared earlier this year, but no availability window had been set.

In addition to the antecedently declared specs, Apple also noted that it'd be ready to be ordered with up to an 8TB SSD. Apple’s professional work flow Team continues to require feedback concerning desires and wishes of its pro customers, and Apple says that the mac pro will currently handle up to 6 streams of 8K pro Res video, up from 3 streams quoted back in June.

Apple also says that Blackmagic can have an SDI to 8K convertor for productions employing a serial digital interface work flow on set or in studio. This was a matter I got many times once Apple proclaimed its reference monitor to travel along with the mac pro. This makes it a lot of viable for many on-set applications that use existing workflows.

I was ready to get a look at the mac pro running the SDI convertor box likewise as a bunch of alternative applications like final cut professional, and it continues to be unbelievably impressive for pro workflows. One demo showed six 8K professional Res streams running with animation and color writing in real time during a pre-rendered state. very impressive. The hardware is additionally still wildly premium stuff. The VESA mount for the professional show XDR alone seems like it's a lot of engineering behind it than most entire computers.

The new mac pro starts at $5,999 for the base configuration, which has 32GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and a Radeon pro 570X graphics card. the pro show XDR 32-inch reference-quality monitor that Apple can sell alongside it starts at $4,999.

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