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Monday, October 21, 2019

Facebook employee says he was fired for speaking out about his colleague’s suicide

Facebook employee says he was fired for speaking out about his colleague’s suicide - rictas.com
A Facebook programmer told CNBC on Tuesday that he was dismissed by the corporate partially for speaking out concerning his colleague’s suicide last month.

Yi Lolon joined Facebook’s core growth team in July and he was laid-off when he participated during a protest tightened justice for Qin Chen, AN worker who died by suicide at the company’s headquarters on Sept. 19.

“We want the reality. we'd like a good investigation on what on earth had happened,” rule told abc seven at the protest on Sept. 26.

Yin told CNBC he spoke with the press at the protest as a result of he had detected rumors that Chen could are AN H-1B visa employee and troubled concerning his future when receiving a poor performance review by his superiors. subgenus Chen worked in Facebook’s promotion engineering team, that rule et al aforesaid is disreputable for being a high-stress unit. rule didn't understand Chen, however aforesaid he believes rumors that chen was hangdog by his manager at Facebook.

“I actually need individuals to bear in mind of the H-1B abuse and additionally the PSC system,” rule told CNBC. The PSC, or performance outline cycle, is Facebook’s performance review system, during which staff undergo semi-annual reviews that embrace in depth peer reviews. Some staff have criticized the system for penalizing those who are sensible performers, however don’t participate in social activities with peers.

Yin said he wasn't the sole Facebook worker to attend the protest on Sept. 26, however his colleagues hid their worker badges whereas he didn't. rule informed the director of the core growth team concerning his participation and wrote a outline of the event.

After the protest, rule was contacted by Facebook’s human resources department. “To respect the privacy of [Chen] and his family please don't discuss the incident with anyone particularly outside the corporate,” reads AN email rule received from Facebook 60 minutes on Sept. 26, that CNBC has seen.

Yin says he received a final warning letter from 60 minutes on oct. 1. On Oct. 3, he asked his team mentor if the ultimate warning letter meant that he was planning to be fired. On Oct. 7, Yin says, he received a decision from 60 minutes informing him that he was being fired for speaking with the press and for making comments that created his colleague feel uncomfortable.

“I’ve been beneath intense psychological pressure from 60 minutes,” rule told CNBC.

In AN email confirming his firing, that CNBC has seen, Facebook additionally told rule he would be needed to pay back some of his sign-on bonus. rule aforesaid he simply paid back the bonus, that came dead set $39,000.

A Facebook advocator denied that rule was fired for taking part within the protest or lecture the media.

“This worker wasn't fired for connection a protest or talking about the recent tragedy on our field. He was here for a matter of weeks, and showed poor judgement during a string of policy violations. we tend to won’t symbolize our staff discouraging each other.”

Facebook declined to supply additional details concerning Yin’s case, saying, “We won’t get into the specifics of confidential, internal conversations.”

Since his termination, Yin has spoken with the lawyers who are representing Chen’s family concerning his own situation. Like Chen, Yin is from China and on a piece visa, thus he should realize a replacement job by the tip of Gregorian calendar month or come to his home country.

Additionally, Yin aforesaid he wrote a sonata dedicated to the Sept. twenty six protest that he hopes to play publically this January.

“The reason why I stood out protestant and talking to the media is as a result of I don’t wish adult male. Chen’s incident somehow happening to anyone once more,” Yin said.

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