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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"It's the Trump growth agenda success story" Stuart Varney on new Wall Street record

"It's the Trump growth agenda success story" Stuart Varney on new Wall Street record - rictasblog

Stuart Varney, host of "Varney and Co." on Fox Business, said Wednesday the new Wall Street record high can be credited to the "Trump development agenda," which he said "has been wildly successful."

Varney owned the expressions on "Fox & Friends" the morning after the S&P 500 hit a record-breaking high, recuperating from a year ago's emotional dive.

“We’re in earnings season. That's the time when the big corporations tell us how much money did you make. That's what they are telling us right now,” said Varney, a Fox News business contributor on “Fox & Friends.”

“The expectation was the profits would go down. Instead, we got profits going up very nicely. I challenge you. Go and look at your 401(k). Look at your IRA. I guarantee you will smile because since President Trump was elected in November of 2016, the value of all stocks has gone up by $9.4 trillion.”
He added, “Middle America has got a piece of that, your 401(k), your pension plan, you got a piece of that. And it's gone up like that because of the Trump growth agenda. It has been wildly successful. The economy is expanding. The market’s at record highs.”

Varney anticipated the economy will keep on progressing admirably“if profits continue to go to record levels.”

A month ago, the White House touted monetary numbers that some outstanding financial experts once anticipated could never occur under President Trump.

The clashing expectations came from the get-go in 2017, when Trump and his official spending proposition estimate in excess of 3 percent yearly monetary development under his administration.

As indicated by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the economy developed at a 3.1 percent rate from the final quarter of 2017 to the final quarter of 2018, one proportion of yearly development. That denoted the first run through in 13 years that it had been more than 3 percent, the White House noted. The organization credited the increases to tax reductions, deregulation and other ace development policies.the economy will keep on progressing nicely.
“I believe 41 states are now bringing in more money than they did I think 10 years ago before the crash. So you’re back to where you were before the crash. That is entirely the result of President Trump's growth agenda,” Varney said Wednesday.

“The economy is growing, 3, maybe a bit more than that 3 percent. The stock market record highs. In comes the money to state governments. It's a success story. It's the Trump growth agenda success story. Case closed.”

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